OneClipboard… and How I Ended Up with this Blog

After nearly an year of procrastination I have finally managed to open source my tiny side project. Its a simple app that you install on your desktop and android device and voila! you can right click copy text on your PC and paste it on your android.

As with most side projects, I decided to write this app for self need. There were many times I wanted to copy some interesting link while browsing on my desktop and quickly message it to a friend on WhatsApp.

Initially my search on the play store didn’t bring up any good app that could sync clipboard text between multiple devices and so I quickly hacked up a solution which seemed to work well when all my devices ( desktop and android ) were on the same WiFi ( LAN ). Once I switched to 3G on my android phone, it no longer worked. It turned out that incoming connections on a port are blocked by ISPs ( more on this if you search for “reverse connection” or check this ).

I did some app hunting and found ClipSync which seemed more polished but it too worked only in a LAN. I figured out that the only way to make it work over the internet was to host a server that would maintain reverse connections from various devices and help communicate between them and this is how I ended up buying this domain and hosting and this blog :).

I do not yet have a release that people can just download and install easily, hope to do it soon. Until then please try it out from the source.