A long time back when I was ‘jobless’, I had this habit of buying domains with the little money I earned through freelancing hoping to host my own stuff on the net. Hosting a site on the net had always been a craze right from the days of Yahoo Geocities and I even managed to get onto the first page of Google for the keyword “Cool Javascripts” once.

As I moved on to a ‘professional’ world things started to fade away quickly and I even forgot that I owned some domains, failed to backup whatever I had hosted, forgot the user id/password to my account, ignored the repeated email reminders and eventually let them fade into oblivion.

After many years in the professional world , when I looked back, there were lot of things that I used to do which at that time seemed very trivial but I can’t even think are possible for me now. I could draw/paint a bit, was a decent pianist, a good c++ programmer, knew my data structures well and was pretty much well occupied. I am a decent developer now but not even close to what I should have been from what I was when I had started  and  can’t even dare to say I know to play the piano .

With this site I hope to start all over again and post about the two most greatest passions of my life – music and programming. Hope you are entertained.

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